You belong here,
with the curious minds.

A flexible way of living. Coliving spaces designed for the young global community.

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Coliving for the vibrant crowd to meet and live.
A lifestyle with the optimal blend of sociability & privacy.
All under one hassle-free bill.


Our hubs

Contemporary designed spaces in great locations.
Everything you need, in one bill.


3 available hubs


Capital vibe, culture, restaurants.


1 available hub


Ocean breeze, nice people, restaurants.


Coming soon


Students, history, cobblestones.


Coming soon


University, bikes, bar jumping.

What you get


The apartment

The flat where you share spaces, ideas and connect with your roomies. Everything you need in the apartment is there for you and your team. Hang in the fully equipped kitchen or chill by the TV. A spot to throw a big dinner party with all of your people - it's all there. 

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A social lounge

Hanging out with a diverse and engaging crew of people, sharing ideas, chill, getting inspired, blast events, gaming and movie nights. Whatever you and your crew want to go for.

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A private oasis

Room for recharging batteries. Where you have space for your own, reading, sleeping, shaping new bound breaking ideas for the future.

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A community

Where the likeminded will give you the boost you need for your next work presentation, introduce you to their culture, share traveling and memories together.

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All in one bill

Furnished, WiFi, weekly cleaning, laundry facilities, electricity, home insurance, check - check - check! All things needed in one hassle-free bill.

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Tailor-made terms 

If we said it we meant it: 

No deposits 
One month notice period is enough
Quick move-in

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Meet our community

A bunch of inspiring people, sharing adventures together. We give you the people, you make them your friends.

“COLIVE reminds me of living in a sitcom, like Friends or How I met Your Mother. If I were to describe my life with COLIVE through a song, it would be "Work Hard - Play Hard" by David Guetta. There is always close to laughter and play around here.”

“I had the best time of my life when I lived with my roomies! I believe I was lucky to have such amazing people around, and I think COLIVE deserves a lot more love and gratitude for bringing so many amazing people together! (thanks for everything you guys!❤️)”

“Honestly it has been one of the best decisions of my life to take up colive to stay for my internship.​
I love the people here, I love the place and the vibe.​
Yeah so its pretty great experience and also I am trying to explore other parts of the area as well.”

“Such an amazing place and people! If you are hesitant just like me before moving in, don't, cause it'll probably the best decision ever.”

“The experience of coming here and living with such great people is a dream come true and I now know everything about who to contact with and everything thanks to my apartment mates. Thank you for checking on with me.”​

“Its literally perfect. Almost so good that I feel I'm never gonna be able to live anywhere else as comfortably!”​

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring when moving in?

You need to bring things like duvet, pillow, bed linnen, towels and curtains. The basics like bed and closet is already in the room. 

If you can't or don't want to bring duvet, cover and towels, we can help provide this to your room when you arrive. We call it the "extra package" which contains duvet, pillow, bed linnen and towels which we purchase from IKEA and deliver directly to you. Total price is 950 SEK. 

Please drop us a message asking for a "extra package" and we'll sort it out!

How many roomies live together in a coliving apartment?

It varies from 4-12 people. 🌱

I want to move in, how do I do?

1. Register your interest here.

2. We will get back to you as soon as possible with an offer!

3. Do the personality assessment to better your chances and to find your future roomies. 🫶

Who can live at COLIVE?

Are you a young adult who wants to live socially yet have your own private space? Do you consider everyone to be of equal value and respect and like other people? Then COLIVE is for you! Most of our community consists of young professionals between the age of 20-35 years old, and come from all around the globe. Welcome to an international community in Sweden!

How does the roomie matching work?

At COLIVE, we strive to use an open-minded, non-discriminatory, and objective model when finding new tenants for our coliving hubs. Before you can receive an offer from us, you will therefore do a personality assessment (the Roomie-matching as we call it) by answering a number of questions. Based on your answers, you will then be matched with your new roomies. With the Roomie-matching, we want to offer higher odds of ending up with roomies that you have the possibility to thrive with. This is of course very complex, and we have chosen to match tenants based on some qualities that are particularly important when living together. However, the matching is not a guarantee in itself - all relationships require work. Living with other people can be wonderful and developing but might also be challenging at times. We hope that our tenants can use the matching results to get to know each other and understand each other better in different situations.

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