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Frequently asked questions / Can I stay at COLIVE with my children?
As children are not included in the category young adults, we cannot offer accommodation to anyone who has children. If you live with COLIVE and become pregnant and do not have another accommodation option available, COLIVE would like to help within the framework of the collaborations that the company has with property owners who have a portfolio of rental apartments. If you have achieved at least 12 weeks of pregnancy, you can report the need for conventional rental housing outside COLIVE's hubs. This provided that you have lived with COLIVE, at the same address for the last 6 months before the start of the pregnancy, that you fulfill other commitments to COLIVE and have not reached the maximum length of stay. After notification, COLIVE handles a request for priority from our partners. Please note that an offer of alternative rental housing depends on the availability of rental objects and specific conditions at COLIVE's partners and that it may therefore take some time before we find a suitable home to offer you who has made the application and that housing cannot be guaranteed.