cleaning of the apartments


COLIVE is responsible surface cleaning of common areas in the shared apartments which takes place weekly. If there time for cleaning changes, e.g. during holidays or for other reasons, you will be informed about a new time for cleaning.

To enable as good cleaning as possible, it is important that you make sure that personal belongings is removed and that no dishes are laying around in the apartment or kitchen on the day the cleaning is performed. Also remember to empty rubbish and recycle before the cleaning takes place.

You clean the private room yourself.

In addition, the refrigerator, freezer, other kitchen cabinets and windows are your responsibility to clean, if necessary. If it should be the case that these parts of the apartment do not meet acceptable standards for hygiene, we will ask you to clean. 

You also have a responsibility to keep the apartment in a good condition between the weekly cleaning.

Once a year, COLIVE will carry out a deep cleaning of your shared apartment to be able to guarantee that the apartment is kept in good condition and avoid unnecessary wear and tear. In connection with the general cleaning, we will also go through various items such as crockery and cutlery to see if anything needs to be refilled or replaced.