code of conduct

being a tenant at colive

COLIVE is politically and religiously independent. COLIVE’s coliving apartments shall be places of openness and tolerance and be attractive meeting places and accommodations free from discrimination. COLIVE welcomes all tenants regardless of gender, transgender identity, ethnicity, religion, functional diversity, and sexual orientation. However, you need to be 20 years or older to become a tenant and move in to COLIVE’s coliving apartments.

rules for tenants as colive

The tenants are the ones who make COLIVE’s coliving apartments a nice place to live.

By signing the Rental Agreement, you accept and are obligated to follow the rules in the Rental Agreement as well as potential rules that COLIVE may create during the rental period.

respect for others in coliving apartment

A coliving apartment consists to a large extent of shared spaces and it relies on a good relationship between tenants. In light of COLIVE’s accommodation offer, which means that several adults live together in an apartment, it is of particular importance that all tenants behave well in the coliving apartments and respect each other.

act for a safe and positive environment

COLIVE values diversity and is working for a welcoming atmosphere where everyone participates and contributes to COLIVE’s concept of coliving apartments. Everyone who lives and works in COLIVE’s coliving apartments shall therefore be treated with respect. Be nice and kind to other tenants and staff.

Be aware of what language and images you use. Do not use language or images that can be perceived as offensive or rude by others. We do not accept any form of abuse, bullying, or other harassment.

act for a pleasant environment

Respect all others in the coliving apartment. Keep it clean around you and leave the shared spaces as you found them.

As much as we love pets, they are not allowed at our coliving hubs.

We want to offer a healthy and non-smoking living environment for our tenants. That is why smoking is strictly forbidden in all COLIVE hubs.

democracy and participation

The voice of all tenants has equal value. Participation means that all tenants who live in a coliving apartment may be involved in deciding and taking responsibility for their shared apartment.

Democracy and participation must be exercised equally and regardless of background.

ethics and morale

As a tenant, you shall follow agreements and have good ethics and morals.

Activities or participation in actions that create unsafety, violence, bullying, harassment, racism, drugs, or other criminal activity in COLIVE’s coliving apartments is not acceptable.

the equal rights of all

In order to live in COLIVE’s coliving apartments, you need to respect all tenants regardless of gender, transgender identity, ethnicity, religion, functional diversity, and sexual orientation.


It is not permitted to use COLIVE’s infrastructure or Wi-Fi for illegal purposes. Beware that downloading of copyright protected material is illegal if you do not have permission from the copyright holder.