community ambassadors

The purpose of the Community Ambassadors is to be a cohesive link with a focus on well-being and community for the colivers in the coliving hub. Also, to be a link between COLIVE and the community of tenants, currently living at the hub.

The ambassador role is usually a one-year assignment. So, when a current ambassador has completed its mission or decides to move out, current tenants will have the possibility to apply to the role directly to us at COLIVE. We will send out information about this when it happens. 

  • Organise monthly “Community meetings” with the purpose of having a continuous forum for discussions concerning the community as well as building a stable community. Main focus is to create and maintain a wellbeing and prosperous community. Together with everyone living and engaging in the house.
  • Be responsible for maintaining a voluntary team of a hand full of people which can assist in taking extra responsibility to take care of administrative tasks that arise within the community itself. (eg. handling community invented activities)
  • Organise monthly onboarding meetings for new colivers, with the purpose of ensuring a smooth transition into the community for new residents.
  • Be responsible for maintaining a voluntary team of a hand full of people, which are responsible for developing and establishing routines for the transition of new tenants into the community.
  • Be well versed of COLIVE’s rules, general info and Code of Conduct.
  • Act whistle-blower when needed. Meaning forwarding important issues to COLIVE concerning abuse, harassment or other misbehaviour that might arise. The tenants in the community can though expect that ambassadors retain their anonymity in the communication with COLIVE, unless a member has explicitly stated that they are ok with not being anonymous. (Just be aware that it might be harder for COLIVE to act on the complaint in those cases.)
  • Be in continuous cooperation with other COLIVE ambassador/s to discuss and resolve arising issues.
  • Have a continuous dialogue with COLIVE. 
  • If experiencing major problematic situations concerning the tenants, inform COLIVE or encourage the specific tenant to contact COLIVE.
  • Attendance in a quarterly reconciliation meeting with COLIVE. When needed also participate in extra meetings or phone calls.


The ambassadors are only responsible for the community tasks that might arise within the specified hub. If there are any questions or concerns regarding COLIVE, remember that those kind of questions shall still go to our customer care at and not to the ambassadors.

As a minor gifting each ambassador receives 750 SEK (before taxes) per month for maintaining the roles, paid as sallary each quarter.