disturbance & disturbance service

Life is happening, music is playing, celebrations and activities of all sorts are going on. To some extent we need to accept that there will be noise around us when living in a building that accommodates several people. However, sometimes it can reach a level that is too much or too repeatedly that it is not acceptable. If you are disturbed by your neighbour you should:

  1. Contact the person(s) in the apartment and let them know that it is affecting you. This might be uncomfortable but it is the most straightforward and kind way to deal with it. 
  2. Make a disturbance report via the form below. If the sound does not stop and/or you need help in the evenings and weekends;
  3. Contact the disturbance service. We do ask you to use the service with care, only call if really necessary. Note that the person that is causing the disturbance will be charged from the disturbance service so to contact your neighbour directly is to prefer.

    Gothenburg: 031-20 22 22 (open between 20.00-06.00)
    Stockholm: 08-734 00 20 (open between 20.00-05.00) 

Are you hosting a party or know that you will make sounds that can be disturbing to others? Please let your neighbours know beforehand and give them your number to call so they feel comfortable to reach out. And if you get the call, respect your neighbours, mutual respect and care will make everybody happy in the end. 🧡