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Frequently asked questions / How does the Roomie-matching work?
At COLIVE, we strive to use an open-minded, non-discriminatory, and objective model when finding new tenants for our coliving hubs. Before you can receive an offer from us, you will therefore carry out the Roomie-matching by answering a number of questions. Based on your answers, you will then be matched with your new roomies. With the Roomie-matching, we want to offer higher odds of ending up with roomies that you have the possibility to thrive with. This is of course very complex, and we have chosen to match tenants based on some qualities that are particularly important when living together. However, the matching is not a guarantee in itself - all relationships require work. Living with other people can be wonderful and developing but might also be challenging at times. We hope that our tenants can use the matching results to get to know each other and understand each other better in different situations.