move-out inspection

After you have moved out, we will do a move out inspection on your room. We will send you the inspection report via email at latest one week afterwards.

If your room and the areas belonging to the room are not sufficiently cleaned and/or restored to good condition, we will make a deduction from your deposit equal to the cost of cleaning/restoration. Exactly which amount will be deducted varies depending on the case. For prices, see current price list.

Is the last day of the month on a weekend when you are moving? No problem! You can of course stay until the last day of your contract and keep your things in the room, but we ask you to empty wardrobes and clean and restore the room according to the checklist so that it can be inspected on the last weekday of the month. Your host will contact you about the time for this! This way we can know that the room is ready for the next coliver. 😊

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