living in a newly produced property

Most of our coliving hubs are newly produced properties. It is good to be aware of certain aspects when living in a newly produced property, which is why we have gathered some information about it here below.

If you have any other questions, you are welcome to ask us at 😃 

In some cases, there may be problems with making a phone call in newly produced properties. This is because building regulations today require a high standard of energy efficiency, which can affect the signal. This is unfortunately not in our power to change. The telecom companies need to extend the range of senders so that they can give a better signal, but it can take quite some time before this is performed in newly produced areas. To avoid problems with making a phone call or receiving them, it is a good idea to enable Wi-fi calling on your phone.

  • Samsung: Go to the app “Phone” and tap more options (three vertical dots) > tap settings > turn on Wi-fi calling
  • iPhone: Go to your mobile phone’s settings > open the app “Phone” > under the heading Call, tap Wi-fi Calling > Wi-fi Calling on this iPhone On/Off

Note: If you don’t see the option, it might be because your carrier doesn’t support Wi-fi calling.

In and around newly produced properties, it is likely that landscaping work and work on other buildings in the area will continue after you have moved in. This can lead to limited access to various areas and disturbing noises can occur.

Sometimes settlement cracks can occur in new constructions. You don’t necessarily need to report this unless you feel it is affecting your living satisfaction. If you are unsure about anything, you are always welcome to contact us! 😊