Lodge - colive aquila

The Lodge is found on the 1st floor, adjacent to the Hangout. The Lodge only exists in COLIVE Aquila. This is an apartment that you can rent for a discounted fee and it is a perfect place to arrange a private dinner or birthday party for close friends and family. Or when you have friends and family visiting. In the apartment you will find a fully equipped kitchen, a sofa-bed for two and seating for 8-10 people. There are pillows and duvets in the Lodge, but sheets and towels are not included.

The Lodge is booked through the app BKHR (read more here). It can be booked for a maximum of 7 nights in a row per person. The renting fee is 500 SEK the 1st night and then 300 SEK per night for the following nights. 

Don’t forget to clean, make the dishes and empty the trash before your booking ends. If you don’t clean properly you risk a fee on the invoice.  

The booking starts at 12.00 AM and lasts until 11.00 AM the next day. Cancellation can be made up to 24 hours before the booking starts. Cancellations made within 24 hours before the start, will be charged for full price. You will be billed for the booking of the Lodge afterwards in a separate invoice.