maintainence, wear & tear

COLIVE is responsible for normal wear and tear on furniture, inventory, and property in the coliving apartments as well as in the common areas. General wear and tear that needs looking at, can be reported to COLIVE via error reports, and your host will take a look at it! 🤗

However, you are responsible for potential damages, disappearances or similar that occur due to unnormal wear such as:

  • Grease spots
  • If someone breaks something
  • Holes in floors or walls
  • If someone drops food or beverage on the furniture, etc.

You are also responsible for friends, family members and others that come to visit you. If you would like to read more about this, you can find information in your tenant agreement.

Annually, COLIVE will check furnitures, appliances and kitchen utensils to see if anything needs to be replaced or refilled.