payment of invoices

The invoices for your monthly fee are always sent out in the beginning of the month and must be paid no later than four (4) weeks later, you can see the exact due date on the invoice. If the first is on a weekend or bank holiday, the invoice will be sent out the next weekday.

The monthly fee is always paid in advance. I.e. an invoice dated the beginning of January applies to the monthly fee in February, etc.

international payments

If you have a foreign bank account, we can recommend that you use the service wise. It has been appreciated by other colivers and is easy to use. ūüėä

If you would rather make a traditional bank transfer via your international account, it is important that you select the option that you are responsible for the fee and that the amount should be specified in SEK. This is because currency exchanges can cause the wrong amount to arrive. If that happens you will automatically receive a payment reminder with a reminder fee, which we of course would like to avoid!

If you have any questions regarding your invoice, please contact us on