rules in slack

How fun that you are active in Slack! 😃To make sure that everyone feels safe we have a set of rules for using Slack.

  1. Only profile picture of yourself is allowed. You can of course choose to not have an image.
  2. Show respect that everyone is different. Use forums other than this to discuss sensitive issues, such as politics and religion.
  3. Keep a good tone. Violations and unpleasant treatment against other members are strictly prohibited.
  4. Posts/comments containing discrimination based on gender, transgender identity and expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation, and age are also not allowed.
  5. Contact COLIVE directly if you experience threats or unpleasant treatment and do not respond to these comments yourself. COLIVE will contact the person concerned. Please take a screen shot, we need proof/source to take action.
  6. Posts written about people other than oneself should be kept at a level that cannot be perceived as offensive or expose the other person to suffering if that person reads what has been written.
  7. It is not allowed to name and shame someone in this group.
  8. COLIVE can close/delete threads if the comfort rules above are not followed.
  9. All posts are strictly prohibited from sharing outside the group without the author’s consent. COLIVE has no opportunity to be responsible for the posts/comments written in this forum but strive for it to be a safe place.