The Hangout is always open for everyone in the hub. Here you can hang with your roomies and other colivers, arrange movie nights, and other common activities. Here, everyone is responsible together for keeping the space clean and of course picking up after themselves and their guests.

Maybe you will take the courage to arrange an activity in the hangout and invite other colivers to join! 😃

IMPORTANT: If you are going to be in the Hangout after 22.00, and arrange an event or a party, one or more responsible people need to notify your Host about this. The reason for this is since it should be quiet after 22.00, we need a point of contact for e.g. in case complaints are reported or disturbance service is called.

See below where you can find your hangout:

You will find the Hangout on the first floor!🙌

Unfortunately, the Lab does not have a Hangout. 🧡

Unfortunately, U25 does not have a Hangout. 🧡

You will find the hangout on entrance level in house 6! 🙌

You’ll find the Hangout on floor 1! 🙌