On the different hubs, there are different possibilities to store your things. To see what you can expect at your hub, please read more here below. 🤗 

COLIVE Aquila offers a storage room in the stairwell that belongs to your coliving apartment. The storage room has shelves that are labeled with everyone’s room letters. Your marked space corresponds to approximately two moving boxes in size.

At COLIVE Lab, there is a common storage room outside the apartment door at Nytorgsgatan 44 that you share with your roomies.

In addition to storage in the apartment, COLIVE offers extra storage space on floor -1 in the basement.

There are two storage rooms per apartment, these are shared two by two with the same person you share the bathroom with.

Each apartment has a third storage room that is used to store common furniture. Here, outdoor furniture is requested to be set up during the winter season.

At COLIVE Caseus, there is a storage room in each coliving apartment. The storage has shelves that are labeled with everyone’s room letters. Your marked space corresponds to approximately one moving box in size, i.e approximately 59x36x43 cm.

The larger coliving apartments for 11 persons have an additional storage room. This storage does not have any shelves and it is up to you in the apartment to decide together how you want to use it. 

In addition to the storage in the apartment, there is a storage house in the yard where you can apply to rent a smaller storage room. The number of storages is limited and it can be rented personally for 200 SEK/month. For more information and availability, please contact 😊 

Caseus is also connected to Vinden, which means that you have a special deal when living at COLIVE Caseus. Our partnership with Vinden means that you get:

  • Free trial for three months 
  • Special price for storage: small – 189kr (-25% from original price), medium 349kr (-30% from original price), Large 599kr (-40% from original price)
  • The second Tuesday every month Vinden offer free pickup and delivery (up to 1m3) 

To utilise this offer, you need to apply via this link: Vinden



COLIVE is connected to Vinden on-demand storage. This means you have access to the amount of storage you need, when you need it.

How does it work?

You can download the app or book a pickup online. If you book before lunch, Vinden can collect or deliver the following day. When the items are collected, they are measured and photographed so that you pay for what you store and can see digital copies of all your items in the app. It is just as easy to order home what you need. For more information, see Vinden’s website. 🤗