stove guard

If the heat on the stove/in the pans becomes dangerously high, the stove guard indicates with a signal and a red light. After 15 seconds, the stove guard cuts off the power to the stove/oven. Power supply to the stove/oven is also interrupted if:

  • The stove has been running for 3 hours – without activity.
  • The stove has been running for 5 hours – regardless of activity.
  • The oven alone has been running for 12 hours.

To restore power:
Press the OK button on the side of the stove guard or tap the front surface of the stove guard a couple of times (see picture below).

The above can also be done before the power has been cut off. This gives the opportunity to acknowledge a false alarm or rule out a potentially dangerous situation and then continue cooking. The power can also be restored by turning off all the stove’s own controls and wait for it to cool down.