there is a power outage, what do i do?

If the power goes out in your apartment, it is probably because the earth-fault circuit breaker or a fuse has blown. It is often possible to understand what has caused the error by looking in the electrical panel. Try troubleshooting on your own or get the help of a roomie before making an error report! 😃

  • Check that the fuse switches, the main switch, and the residual current device are set upwards in the apartment’s electrical control unit (often in the hallway). The power is cut off when the electrical system is overloaded, which can cause the fuse or the residual current device to shut down. If a fuse has tripped, it is usually because you have a broken electrical device in the home. So think about which electrical device(s) were on when the power went out (for example a mobile charger, lamp, kettle). Turn off the device(s) that were on when the power went out and then reset the fues by pressing it up. The residual current device is also reset by unplugging the appliance that caused the overload and then pushing up the switch.

  • Check that the ceiling light connector is correctly plugged in, if there are three holes, it may be facing the wrong way.

  • Check the bulbs or spotlights.

  • If the neighbours are also without electricity, you can report the power outage to the responsible electricity distributor in the area. Here you can find out who is the electricity distributor in your municipality. Usually, you can also see if there are any ongoing interruptions or planned interruptions on the distributor’s website. 

If the power still doesn’t work despite your troubleshooting or if it’s the fridge, freezer or oven that causes the fuse to trip, then you should make an error report.