Tre co-livers sitter i soffan och pratar.
Frequently asked questions / What is included in my monthly fee?
Everything and more!
  • Weekly cleaning & maintenance of shared spaces
  • Wi-Fi
  • Electricity, heating & water
  • Semi-furnished private room incl. bed & storage
  • Fully furnished shared areas
  • Sonos speakers & smart TV
  • Fully equipped kitchen incl. dishwasher & kitchen appliances
  • Hangout space - shared area for socializing
  • Chillout space - quiet room for reading, yoga or other relaxed activity
  • Co-work - work & study places
  • Lodge - possibility to rent an overnight apartment for guests
  • Laundry lounge
  • Security cameras at all common entrances for everyone's safety
  • Community host on site during office hours
  • Digital meeting platform in Slack
  • COLIVE creates conditions for you to create a good community
  • Membership in COLIVE Community - network with other colivers, arrange your own events or go to others