Tre co-livers sitter i soffan och pratar.


Can I lock my room?

Yes, of course. There are digital locks on both your coliving apartment and your private room.

Can I redo the Roomie-matching multiple times?

The Roomie-matching is done only once so try to answer as honestly and thoughtfully as possible. The results will remain connected to your profile.

What does coliving mean?

Coliving as a concept is just what it sounds like – it is a housing form where you live together with others. About half of all young adults find it more fun to live together because you get someone to share everyday life with. They also think it is...


Most of our coliving hubs are connected to the Salto KS digital key system, which you control via your smartphone by downloading an app. You get access to your room and other doors in the hub the day you move in. If you also want a physical key tag, you...

Where can I find your coliving hubs?

We have three hubs in Stockholm (COLIVE Lab, Aquila & U25), and one in Gothenburg (COLIVE Caseus).

What is included in my room?

The rooms are semi-furnished, which means that there is a bed frame with drawer storage, box bottom, mattress topper and matress cover (starter kit), wardrobe and ceiling lamp. Most beds are 120cm wide. 😊

Who can stay at COLIVE?

COLIVE is for all independent individuals between the ages of 20–35 who like to live on their own but enjoy having people around them and think that life should be shared with others! Stay independent, live together. In some coliving hubs, however, t...

Are there rooms for couples?

Yes, some of our coliving hubs have double rooms available. Here you can stay with your partner or friend.

Code of Conduct

Each contract has an attached code of conduct, which forms the basis for current rules in our hubs. COLIVE’s coliving apartments shall be characterized by openness and tolerance, and they shall also be an attractive meeting place and home free from disc...

Are cutlery, plates, pots, etc. included in the kitchen?

Yes. The kitchen in each coliving apartment is fully equipped with plates, bowls, glasses, cups, cutlery, pots, pans, other kitchen utensils, and kitchen appliances such as toaster, kettle, and coffee maker.

Can I invite guests?

Of course you can. This is your home. However, we recommend everyone to set up guidelines for their own coliving apartment together with their roomies. This is to ensure that everyone agrees on how it should work with guests, dinners, and any parties...

Can I see the apartment before I sign a contract?

Today we only have digital viewings. You can see our videos on COLIVE Aquila in Stockholm here and COLIVE Caseus in Gothenburg here! 🤗

How many roomies live together in a coliving apartment?

The number of roomies varies between four and twelve people.

What is the shortest period of time to stay at COLIVE?

The shortest contract period is 4 months. Since we want to build and create a safe and thriving community we hope that you want to live here longer than that! 😊

I want to move in! What do I do?

  1. Create an account on our website.
  2. Apply to the hub that you are interested in and make sure that your profile is completely updated and that you have completed our Roomie-matching.
  3. Attend to a group meeting and we will take it from there! 🙂

Extract from the criminal records

We want to ensure that everyone feels safe at COLIVE. Both for your own sake and for the sake of your roomies, we therefore ask everyone to send in an extract pertaining to yourself from the criminal records.