Tre co-livers sitter i soffan och pratar.


Can I stay at COLIVE with my children?

As children are not included in the age category 20–35, we cannot offer accommodation to anyone who has children. If you live with COLIVE and become pregnant and do not have another accommodation option available, COLIVE would like to help within the...

Credit check

After signing the contract, we always do a credit check. You cannot have unpaid debts at the Swedish Enforcement Authority (Kronofogden). A maximum of 3 payment remarks are accepted and the total debt may reach a maximum of 5000 SEK. The payment remarks...

Starting kit – when you move in

When you move in with us at COLIVE, you need to buy a starter kit that we will provide. What is included in the starting kit varies between the hubs, since different hubs have different conditions. But the basis is always a new matress topper and matres...

Can I sublet my room?

Subletting is not allowed.

Are pets allowed?

As much as we love pets, they are not allowed at our coliving hubs.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

We charge a deposit fee that corresponds to a monthly fee. This is because we do not have the same income requirements as other companies in the property industry. The security deposit must be paid within 10 days of signing the contract and will be retu...

How long is the notice period?

The notice period is 3 months until the next subsequent turn of the month. This means that if you terminate your contract in e.g. May, your termination period will be June, July and August. You will then move out on the 31st of August. 😊 Thus, the short...

Can I get a lower monthly fee?

Our monthly fees are not negotiable, we always strive to push down out prices in order to present a fair price for our colivers.

Are there washing machines?

Yes! All our hubs have a Laundry lounge with a digital booking system, washing machines and dryers. This is ofcourse included in the price you pay.

What is included in my monthly fee?

Coliving is a residential concept that includes much more than just square meters. The monthly fee covers everything that is included and it is a prerequisite for creating a functional and homely shared accommodation for all colivers. What is included is listed below:
  • Your private room & coliving apartment
  • Hangout space - fully furnished
  • Community Host available during office hours
  • Weekly surface cleaning of shared spaces
  • The furniture in the coliving apartment
  • Fully equipped kitchen incl. dishwasher & kitchen appliances
  • Wi-fi
  • Electricity, heating & water
  • Semi-furnished private room incl. bed & wardrobe
  • Sonos speakers & smart TV
  • Security cameras at all common entrances for everyone's safety
  • Laundry lounge
  • Home insurance
  • Membership in COLIVE Community - COLIVE creates the conditions so that you yourself can create relationships and oppotunities between each other

Is there extra storage space?

The storage space varies slightly depending on the hub. More information about this can be found in the project descriptions. COLIVE is connected to Vinden on-demand storage. This means you have access to unlimited storage, when you need it. As a customer at COLIVE, you get more benefits and offers. For more information, see Info to colivers or Vindens website.

How long can I stay at COLIVE?

For as long as you want, but the shortest period is four months. This is since we want to promote semi-long to long stays in order to preserve a stability in your home and in the community.

Are the rooms disability adapted?

Yes, there are several rooms that are disability adapted. If you are in need of a disability adapted room, please email us at and we will help you from there.

How does the Roomie-matching work?

At COLIVE, we strive to use an open-minded, non-discriminatory, and objective model when finding new tenants for our coliving hubs. Before you can receive an offer from us, you will therefore carry out the Roomie-matching by answering a number of questi...

Do all rooms have a private bathroom?

The goal is to offer private bathrooms adjacent to each bedroom in the long run. Currently, our hub COLIVE Caseus in Gothenburg is the only one with private bathrooms. Our hubs in Stockholm have shared bathrooms, the maximum number of people who shar...

Is smoking allowed?

We want to offer a healthy and non-smoking living environment for our tenants. That is why smoking is strictly forbidden in all COLIVE hubs. In addition to the private rooms, the coliving apartments and the common areas, this also includes balconies,...