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Student Accommodation in Stockholm? Try COLIVE instead!

Are you a student looking for a student apartment in Stockholm? Do you want to live in a social context with other people who study or work? Then you should try coliving!

Are you looking for available student accommodations in Stockholm?

Try COLIVE instead! You can live here regardless if you study or work.
Apply and secure your spot at COLIVE Volatus!



Are you moving to Sweden and Stockholm to study or work and want to share large areas such as kitchen and living room with others, but at the same time have your own private space? Then COLIVE is for you!

COLIVE Volatus is the name of the latest launched coliving-hub and opened in January 2024 in the emerging area of Barkarbystaden. COLIVE Volatus is Stockholm's largest newly built coliving hub with 134 private rooms spread over 14 shared apartments.

Can students live at COLIVE?

COLIVE is aimed for students and young professionals (young adults) who wants to live in a social context. Have you been admitted to an education in Stockholm and need to find a student accommodation? No worries, the whole COLIVE concept is tailored for you.

The number of students who live at COLIVE differs between our coliving-hubs, but on average about 35% of the people living at COLIVE are students and the rest are young professionals. No matter what stage you are in, COLIVE gives you the opportunity to live in a social context where you can meet and connect with new people. Take the opportunity to create a varied network, which is useful both during your studies and when it is time to transition to working life.

How does it work to live at COLIVE? 

smooth, social, easy and fresh!

At COLIVE the hubs are newly produced so you can expect things to be fresh! Here you have your own room with a private bathroom, while you share large living spaces with your roomies. Your room is semi-furnished with a bed, desk and storage, but otherwise you are free to decorate the space however you like. The common areas such as the kitchen and living room are fully equipped and furnished. We have everything covered, so that you can move in smoothly and easily and get a good start in your new home!

In addition to your shared apartment, you also have access to a Hangout space on the first floor that serves as a meeting place for all colivers in the hub. There is a lounge area, space for co-working, and a large patio as well as a Laundry lounge.

Wanna see how it looks? Let us take you on a tour: CLICK HERE


What is included at COLIVE Volatus? 

The monthly fee includes the following:

  • Private semi-furnished room
  • Private bathroom
  • Fully furnished living room & kitchen
  • Weekly cleaning of shared spaces
  • Wi-fi
  • Water, heat & electricity
  • Digital locks
  • Home insurance
  • Hangout space
  • Car and bike sharing pool

Do you want to know more about COLIVE and how it works to live in our coliving hubs? Read more here.

Why choose COLIVE as student accommodation vs traditional student apartment?

Roomie matching

At COLIVE, we strive to use an open-minded, non-discriminatory, and objective model when finding new tenants for our coliving hubs. Therefore, you need to carry out a digital roomie matching before moving in by answering a number of questions about personality, habits, and values. We have chosen to match tenants based on qualities that are particularly important when living together.

Based on your answers, you will be matched with roomies in a shared apartment whom you have a higher  possibility to thrive with. We hope that our tenants can use the matching results to get to know each other and understand each other better in different situations. However, should you feel that you have ended up in the wrong place, just reach out to us and we will help you to change to another apartment.

A secure contract

Finding student housing or any other accommodation in Stockholm is difficult and challenging. At the same time, subcontracting in Stockholm is an expensive and unsafe choice. That is why we at COLIVE offer secure contracts. Here you have flexibility and can decide for yourself whether you want to live in your shared apartment for a few months or for several years, completely adapted to your situation regardless if you study or work. This means that you can continue to live at COLIVE after finishing your studies, unlike a traditional student apartment.

Everything included - affordable & simple

At COLIVE, we want to make it easy for you. For you as a student in a new city, there is a lot to think about at the beginning. When you move into a student apartment, expensive furniture must be bought, Wi-Fi connected and electricity paid for. With COLIVE, you don't have to think about all that. With us, a semi-furnished bedroom, fully equipped kitchen and living room, wifi, electricity and water is included. In addition to this, weekly cleaning of the common areas and home insurance are also included.

AT COLIVE we want to make it easy for you. As a student in a new city, there is a lot to think about. Moving to a student apartment entails many expensive costs in addition to the rent - buying furniture, kitchen equipment, TV, vacuum cleaner, etc., signing agreements for Wi-fi, electricity and home insurance, moving and assembling furniture, and the list goes on. At COLIVE you avoid all of this! Here you get a semi-furnished bedroom with private bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and living room, Wi-fi, electricity, heating, water, and home insurance. In addition to this, weekly cleaning of the shared areas is also included. 


About Barkarbystaden

Barkarbystaden is one of Northern Europe's largest and most expansive development areas where a new exciting urban environment is emerging.

Barkarby offers the best of both worlds with a lively and growing urban environment as well as the nature reserve Järvafältet just around the corner. The area is designed for a social and dynamic lifestyle that encourages people to meet and experience different cultures. You live right next to gyms, running tracks, shopping, restaurants, and cafes, all with good communications to the city centre.

Flygbild – Vy från Veddesta mot flygfältet