The best thing about COLIVE is all the things that are included. A spacious apartment with your own room. A group of new friends that share your interests, or maybe even inspires you to take up new hobbies. You share a fully furnished home with a well-equipped kitchen and cozy living room. But there is more, much more. Our COLIVE hubs have a common floor dedicated to all your social events and gatherings. That means more space for hangouts, gaming, working, studying or watching movies. There's room for everyone, and one room just for you.




Locked, private and soundproof


Sufficient storage

Private or shared bathroom (shared with 1-2 roomies)



Room in newly built co-living apartments shared with 5 - 11 roomies

Fully furnished kitchen and livingroom with a modern and comfortable feel

Roomies that match your interests and values, thanks to "Roomie Matching"

Smooth move-in and move-out. Stay for three months, or several years



Welcoming COLIVE lounge

Co-working area

Meeting room

Coffee machine


Community events

Mail room

Laundry room

Car and bicycle pool

Guest apartment


See the full list

Weekly cleaning service for common areas
Wi-fi and digital locks
Electricity and water



Manage your invoices and payments


Chat with your roomies, plan events, dinners etc.


Book services like laundry, car pool, etc.


How do I become a coliver?

Register your profile with the ""
Apply by clicken the link for the colive hub(s) you are interested to live in
We will contact you as soon as we have an offer that fits you

Roomie Matching

We want to make sure people are matched with those who they will get along really well with, and those who they will live harmoniously with. That is why we created COLIVE roomie matching tool – a tool to easily measure who will fit together with whom in the ame apartment. This increases the comfort and improves the energy in the house. Before you can apply for housing with us, you will answer a series of questions that are used in the matchmaking process.


1. What does co-living mean?

Co-living as a concept is just like it sounds. It's a housing form where you live together with others.

Co-living reduces loneliness, lowers the bills and increases housing availability.

At COLIVE you share common areas like the living room and kitchen, and have your own bedroom.

Co-living is for everyone who likes to have people nearby and enjoy sharing.

COLIVE has a target audience of young adults between the ages 20-35, to make it easier to find housing for this audience.

We have two smaller COLIVE hubs in Lidingö and Södermalm (ca. 12 tenants per hub). In November we're opening Sweden's largest co-living hub in Haninge, south of Stockholm.

There are plenty of other projects on the way, so keep your eyes open!

1. Create an account in COLIVE's community.

2. "Show interest" in the COLIVE-hub that you are interested in.

3. We email you as soon as we have an offer that we think will be just right for you.

The roomie matching makes sure that those who are the most likely to enjoy living together end up in the same apartment.

Before you can get any offers you will be required to take the roomie test, which basically matches you based on your habits, interests and values.

Of course! This is your hemSjälvklart kan du det. Det här är ju ditt hem.

(We recommend all colivers to be open and communicative with their roommates, ask everyone before hosting a social event.)

Wi-Fi, elektricity, heating, fully furnished spaces, weekly cleaning (for shared spaces).

Yes, of course. There are digital locks for all rooms.

The goal is that all of our rooms should have their own bathroom.

Today, however, there are no COLIVE facilities with private bathrooms. There are never more than 3 people sharing one bathroom.

Yes, there are several rooms that are adapted for people with disabilities. If you are in need of a disability-adapted room, do not forget to check this in your profile.

If you are applying for a finished COLIVE-hub, yes.

Yes, some of our hubs may have double rooms.

We offer a semi-furnished bedroom including a 120cm bed, storage, wardrobes and lighting.

Although we would love to be able to host pets, we can't. Pets can visit as long as you check in with your roomies beforehand, but we have to consider those with allergies.

All COLIVE hubs are smoke-free.

To be a member in COLIVE community you must have turned 18 already. Our primary target audience is 20 - 35 years old, and those within this age group will be premiered when we distribute rooms. There is, however, no age-limits for when you should move out, you can stay with us for as long as you like.

There may be exceptions for some COLIVE hubs, for example a youth apartment may only be available up to a certain age. This is stated in the hub description.

Between four and twelve people share one apartment.

This may differ from hub to hub. More information can be found in the project descriptions.

All our hubs have a laundry room with digital booking systems, laundry machines and drying machines.

For as long as you want, and at least four months (three month termination period).

Roomies are matched based on your habits, interests, preferences and values. That is why all colivers are asked to take the roomie test.