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Coliving to Gothenburg, Sweden

Now open for applications! We have launched Gothenburg's biggest newly build coliving-hub in Kallebäcks Terrasser, just 10 mins away from the city center.

The first coliving hub in Gothenburg



Looking for an apartment in Gothenburg Sweden and would like to live in a social environment? Try COLIVE!

COLIVE Caseus is our latest newly produced coliving hub that is located in Kallebäcks Terrasser that opened 2022. COLIVE Caseus is Gothenburg's first and largest newly built coliving hub and includes two properties that house 121 private rooms divided into 12 shared apartments with large balconies. Here you live in a social context, close to the nature and with great communications – take the opportunity and apply today!


Price for our coliving hub in Gothenburg

COLIVE Caseus have prices from 7090 - 7490 SEK and following is included in the price: 

  • Own private and lockable room that is semi-furnished with e.g. bed frame and storage
  • Own private WC including shower
  • Fully furnished and equipped kitchen & living room
  • Weekly surface cleaning of shared spaces
  • Water, heat & electricity
  • Wi-fi
  • Home insurance
  • Hangout space which is a dedicated area for all the colivers in the house for e.g. hanging, studying, gaming & movie nights etc.


COLIVE's concept of coliving

More than just renting an apartment.

Our concept is created around social living and in order for you to have the best possible experience, we try to match you with like-minded people by using our unique digital matching tool. Therefore, you need to answer some questions before you are able to apply to our hub in Gothenburg. We also want it to be easy to move in to COLIVE. That's why we have designed the whole concept so that everything is included in the monthly fee. That way, you can roll in with a bag and start living with your roomies.

Visit our page how it works if you want to see more

If you are moving to Gothenburg for work or studies and feel the concept of COLIVE and coliving would match you, apply today!


About the area Kallebäcks Terrasser 

A short bike ride from the city, in the southeastern outskirts of Gothenburg you will find Kallebäck which is a part of Örgryte. Here you will besides from housings find everything from restaurants, shops, cafes, gyms and workplaces. You also have the nature and the lake Delsjön just around the corner as well as bus 50 which provides great communications that will take you to the city center in just around 10 minutes.


Mobility Agreement for the area Kallebäcks Terrasser

For Kallebäcks Terrasser, there is a mobility agreement with the City of Gothenburg. This means that our colivers have the opportunity to move around in a more sustainable way. Below you can read about some of what is included in the agreement:

  • Carpool - In Kallebäcks Terrasser there will be a couple pool cars when the area is fully developed. For those of you who live in the area, we offer free membership via Elbilio during the agreement period. In their app you can book and see where the nearest car is.
  • Parking in the area - Parking spaces will be shared throughout the area and rented separately. Parking facilities will be available in the garage in the neighborhood.
  • Bicycle parking - It should be easy to get to and park your bike. That is why we make plenty of space for bicycle parking, both for ordinary bicycles and for cargo bicycles. Half of the bicycle parking spaces will be weatherproof.
  • Bicycle pool with special bicycles - There will be a bicycle pool with several special vehicles such as electric bicycles, cargo bicycles, bicycle carts and folding bicycles in the area. Membership via Elbilio is free for you who live in the area.
  • Bicycle pumps available - There will be bicycle pumps adjacent to the residential area so that you can easily pump your bicycle when you need it.
  • Bicycle studios - All residential areas in Kallebäcks Terrasser will have their own bicycle studio where you can repair, maintain and wash your bicycle. In addition to this, there will be a couple of larger bicycle service rooms that all residents have access to.
Coliving Gothenburg